Game, set and match!

Next to the swimmingpool and campsite are 6 tennis courts from the over 50 year old tennis club "Blau-Weiß Beilngries" located. They can be used by club members as well as vacationists.


Tennis Court - Terms of use

Our visitors can get access to the tennis court by paying a hourly fee. After that you will get the key to the court which we will lend on pawn.

The court has to be accessed with suitable sport shoes (like tennisshoes or shoes with a very fine profil). Tennis balls and rackets can be provided by us if necessary.

Tennis court price table
Ticket for 1 person 10 €
ticket of ten 100 € per person
Prices per hour

Tennis School
Zdenek Hlavacek

Tennis Lessons/Training
Single Training 30 €
Group of two 16 € per person
Group of three 10 € per person
Group of four 8 € per person
Prices per person and per 60 minutes (45 Min. by request)
Booked lessons will be accounted for, regardless of attendance of the participant of the lesson.

Trainer Zdenek Hlavacek (Nickname Stan) is reachable under telephone (0151) 431 430 93 and offers hourly lessons at afternoons after a agreement has been met.

While championships are taking place (from May to July) it is possible that there may be cancellations due to a thight schedule.

Tennisclub Blau Weiss Beilngries

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