Boat Rental
Boat Rental
Boat Rental

Boat Rental Beilngries

Due to the calm water and low flowrate of 5 to 7 km/h, the river Altmühl offers an opportunity to do a boat trip especially for families with children. On the route between Gunzhausen and Töging are numerous well signposted marinas, which allow you to visit many rest areas and restaurants, to refresh yourself on your journey.

Our departure times:

09:30 a.m

11:30 a.m.

14:00 o'clock


Boat Rental Pricing

Boat rental pricing table
two-party kayak 25 €
three-party canoe 30 €
four-party canoe 35 €
Discounts for groups
For groups upwards of 20 members or school classes after agreements.
Boat transportation service
Kratzmühle 4 km 5 €
Ilbling 13 km 15 €
Kipfenberg 17 km 20 €
Arnsberg 22 km 25 €
Eichstätt 42 km 50 €
Dollnstein 50 km 60 €
Treuchtlingen 58 km 70 €
Gunzenhausen 65 km 80 €

Pricing includes: lifejacket, paddle, river map, watertight barrels and bags for your clothes and valuables.


What you should bring along:

· a second set of wardrobe
· a towel
· a hat or cap and sunblocker
· some food supplies for along the way
· a swimming trunks /swimmsuite (recommended for everyone who loves water!)

Important rules you need to follow!

· Do not row in abandoned river channels
· Do stand clear of reed and shore areas
· Do only fetch your boat out of the water at a provided pier
· Do not rip plants out of the ground and also do not do any other harm to them
· Do not disturb animals and also do not do any harm to them
· Avoid unnecessary noise; muffle necessary noise

Boating over several days

From Gunzenhausen or Treuchtlingen to Dollnstein, Eichstätt or Beilngries boating time takes around 2 to 5 days.

Customized tours are also possible. A cancellation due to bad weather provides money back guarantee.

We assume no liability for personal and property damage. You are boating at your own risk